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Proactive Network Monitoring

Looking for a package (free is good, medium priced is ok, things like OpenView are out of budget) that will proactively monitor my network.

Mostly Win 2008 Servers
Cisco 3560 switches and 2801 routers
ASA Firewall
Lots of XP PCs, some Win 7 coming in

I want to see if there is a PC that is spewing tons of traffic, or has a rogue DNS/SMTP/FTP server installed, etc.

Appreciate any suggestions.  I have tried Spice Works, but the installation seemed massive, and a bit overwhelming.  Maybe that's changed in the tow or three years since.

Basically the easier to setup and maintain the better!
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Check this one:


very handy tool

Hi take a look at Zabbix, it's an open source tool. You can pay for the support if you want that.

Very great network monitoring tool, also scalable. You can achieve everything with it. Also easy to setup.

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Opsview.  It runs nagios as it's back end, has a lot of built in templates and it's free for the Dev edition.  If you want pretty bar pie graphs you can look into the purchased version after you evaluate the free version.


Manage Engine has a great monitoring tool that is agentless and agent based (depending how you want to deploy it).  OpManger isn't free, but you can download the trial.  It has some very pretty graphs and pie charts and gives a good breakdown of what's happening on your systems/network.


Make sure to check out SpiceWorks at http://www.spiceworks.com - it's free and works pretty good. They also have a large user forum area where you can ask questions. It is ad supported, but the ads are not overbearing and they don't spam you.

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Thanks people!  I really like what I see from Paessler.  And it turns out I have been using a Manageengine piece for my switches, so I will go one of those two routes.  The other options just seemed very complex....IMHO.

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