Exchange 2010 Distribution List issue

The user receives back a message with the following [cid:659354413@15082012-1DE9] when emailing to a new distribution list that was just created.

Also says when looking in the global address list, the names that are the distributions, show a file card next to them. This one does not show that.

Compared to other distr. lists this one is setup the same.. so it seems. Any idea what's causing that? Thanks
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It seems, the correct members are not part of the DL or DL does not have correct email address. If you have Exchange cosole access, find the DL and check if correct email address is set up. Check each members, if they have correct email addresses set up.

Sometimes, there may be issues with Expansion server. Change the expansion server on the DL and re-test the email delivery.
akd052774Author Commented:
Expansion server is not specified in other DL's. All the users emails in DL are current active users selected from the list. I'll check the email address
akd052774Author Commented:
Also, an email address used for this DL should have been created by selecting a User Mailbox from four options available, correct?
Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Hope these are "Universal Distribution Groups" and not anything else ?
Is the user send email from Outloo cache or OWA ?
Hope its not taking sometime for replication and then works.

- Rancy
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