Need temporary wireless network for a building

I need to create a temporary wireless network for one of my buildings.  (I have permanent hardware on order but that won't be here for a while).  I'll need several access points that I can put in a bridge mode so they all broadcast a common SID and I'll use a common passcode.

I only need it for a month or so. I'm looking for something that's not too expensive and something I can purchase from a local store, if possible.

Suggestions for hardware?  I've used older Apple WAPS but that's been a while.
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bvic01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest getting some access points that support DD-WRT.  It's an open-source router firmware compatible with many of the new off the shelf routers.  You could grab some fairly cheap cisco/linksys routers, install dd-wrt on them, put them in bridge mode and your all set.  Let me know if you'd like some suggestions on specific routers.  You can check out their site at for more info.

Here's a link to check routers for compatibility:
hnncsbAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I am not sure that will work.  I use HP/3COM devices here and I didn't see them on the list, and I'd prefer to keep the same hardware vendor if I'm going to use this sort of setup.
I agree, find something cheap (Linksys) that is compatible with DD-WRT. You can usually snag Linksys routers for pretty cheap.
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Im not sure of any store that sells hp/3com wireless hardware locally anywhere, correct me if I'm wrong.  How much area are you needing to cover?  If it's a temporary solution, I dont see a problem with grabbing some linksys routers on the cheap.  I do understand wanting to stick with a specific vendor.  In that case, where would you need to purchase your hardware from?  maybe we can go from there.  Looking forward to your reply.
hnncsbAuthor Commented:
Building is maybe 15,000 square feet, but I plan to cover some common areas and meeting rooms only for roving laptops.  COTS Linksys would be fine if they can emulate something like bridge mode.  On order are 4 WAPS for the managed wireless, and that would cover almost the whole building.
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