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When i was moving mailboxes between 2  exchange 2003 servers it displayed error.  Mapi call failed or unspecified service privider ID 800004005-0000-00000000.  But i still see mailboxe on destination store and it is disconnected. while original is sitll there.  what do i do. i cant delete the disconnected mailbox and cant reconnect to another User ID.

Thank you
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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Follow the steps that my ex-MS friend outlined in the article mentioned below.

Run the Cleanup Agent on Mailboxes in the left pane at the destination. Then check. If the disconnected mailbox has not gone at the destination, try purging the mailbox.
ymordkovichAuthor Commented:
But what happens to messages in that disconnected mailboxes are they copied and removed from source only after it is successfully moved?

Purging doesnt work. it comes with error " the operation cannot be completed because this mailbox was already reconnected to an existing user
As I know, no data will be moved/removed from the source mailbox, if there is any error during mailbox move. Did you run the cleanup agent? If the destination mailbox is already connected, then go to Active Directory Users and Computers, find the user account and remove the exchange attributes from the Exchange tasks. Wait for Active Directory replication and then run the cleanup agent again, both destination and source.

Reconnect the source mailbox to existing account and check all the emails are present in the mailbox. Once confirmed that you have all your emails. Then try to run the purge on the destination, you should be able to do it (after running cleanup agent). When the destination mailbox is purged, you can again re-try mailbox move.
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