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Mountain Lion OX 10.8 binding with AD

duellist35 asked

Is there any step by step instruction for Mountain lion binding with windows server 2008 AD .

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1. Click on the Apple menu
2. Choose "System Preferences"
3. Go to the Users
4. Click on "Login Options"
5. Click on join at "Network Account Server"
6. If you know the serveraddress of the AD you can type it in here. Or open the Directory Utility to find it and select it.


Is it the same method as 10.6 or 10.7! i know 10.8 is different. What about DNS setting and open directory. kindly explain the procedure

Open Directory is AD but then on MAC OS X server.

Apparantly there is an issue with the integration of AD with Mountain Lion. Can't integrate mine in the AD (just tried it). It should be the same as with snow and lion.

But Apple is aware of a problem. In the upcoming patch (10.8.1). They made improvements to AD integration + Exchange accounts in the mail.app.

I've taking a look on apple forums. And a lot of people are facing problems with there Mountain Lion and AD. I'd recommend to wait for the update of 10.8.1. Because now I only saw people complaining joing there Mountain Lion to the AD broke there mac.

I suppose everyone's experience is different, but I have a Mac Mini that was running Lion and I updated it to ML and my AD binding experience was just fine and was pretty much the same as I had with any other version of OS X. From my perspective the steps outlined above in the first reply should cover it.

Hi duellist35,

Have you done my steps with adding the Mountain Lion to the Active Directory? You don't need to change your DNS settings for it.


I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:


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