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Untangle Server Not Recognizing one windows 7 machine

Our in house network has about 6 computers all windows 7 except 2 that are XP. We have an untangle server setup with different rack levels for different user access. As well as SBS 2008 R2 running our domain, the group policies seems to be applying for everyone just fine and untangle slots the user into the appropriate access level.

On one of the windows 7 Ultimate machines for some reason even though the policy seems to be applying correctly to the user and machine as far as i can tell.  the untangle server is not recognizing the machine or user and is blocking them from most websites and such is hindering productivity.

It does not matter who logs on to the machine it is still not being registered. I have tried forcing the group policy, running SFC scan,  checked the group policy and a plethora of other things,

Any kind of suggestions or wild idea's would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to have to do a clean install on this machine and re install all of the necessary software.

Let me know if there is any information you want or need!

Thanks much!

- Nathan
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Are the Win7 and WinXP PC's in the same OU?  Do they have the same GPO's applied?  Verify that the Win7 PC does not have its firewall blocking communication with the firewall.


thanks for the reply. Yes, they are all in the same OU and getting the same GPO. Windows 7 firewall is turned off via GPO.
It seems like the logon script policy in the group policy does not get processed on that Windows 7 machine. So the adlogon_user.vbs does not run and therefore Untangle cannot identify any user on the machine - which in return blocks a lot of the internet traffic because the machine seems to be an unauthorized system.
We may just end up doing a clean install on that machine - because we already spent too much time troubleshooting this... :(
Thanks for your help - feel free to suggest other things, we would prefer not having to reinstall the system with all the applications...
The Win7 security may not be allowing the script to run with the rights it needs.  Does it run in the WinXP machines with user rights or admin rights?


We ended up with a clean install of Windows because there were other iffy things going on with the machine... Thanks for all your help.

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