Excel 2007 Move Cell With Text To Top Of Column


I get a raw data dump from another system and it generates a single cell of data, per column, which can appear anywhere starting in row 2 through row 200.  I need a code that will start in column A and look at all cells starting in row 2 through row 200.  Once a cell is identified that contains text, cut that cell and bring it up to row 2.  Then do the same for each column following through column BT.

I've attached a smaller version of my report which can be used for an example.  Sheet1 contains the before and Sheet 2 contains how it should look once this code is ran.

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Saqib Husain, SyedConnect With a Mentor EngineerCommented:
Sub move2row2()
Dim cel As Range, val As String
For Each cel In Range("A1:" & Range("A1").End(xlToRight).Address)
val = cel.End(xlDown).Value
cel.Offset(1) = val
Next cel
End Sub
EscanabaAuthor Commented:
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