SVN Tortise Issues - cannot get full set of features

Hey all,

Ive downloaded tortise svn and intalled it on my pc.

i exported my project from svn to my local machine, however it does not seem to give me a full set of features for version control. I want to add a file and commit it to the svn but i dont see the options available. its as if it is not un source control.

What am I missing?

Did i setup the project wrong?

any help is appreciated.

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Did you check-out the project, and if so was it via tortoise?

As to adding and commiting new files, as long as the file is located inside the checked-out project folder (working copy), and your user-id has write permission to the SVN project, you should be able to add and commit via a couple of right clicks.
JMRFan4LifeAuthor Commented:
Turns out i did not checkout the project.

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