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Duplicate calendar entries in Lotus notes user client


One user having only 5 mails in All Docs, but size is 230 MB, I have checked the calendar entries and found there are duplicate entries(degraded the template to 6 then I can able to see), If i upgraded to 8 getting error local heap size is full and LN crashes.Please help me to solve.

Troubleshooting I did: Replace design and refresh, all maintanence tasks(fixup,compact,updall).

Template: 8
Version :8.0.2
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It has been some time since I have worked with LN, but I believe that this could help you (as long as I am remembering correctly). For version 8, you can run it in standard mode which should stop the heap size errors. Or you can edit the config file to enlarge the Java heap size.

If there are duplicate entries then I would think that means it is in the database already. Sounds like you may need to load a backup of the database, clear the calendar in the existing database (except for new entries) and then copy over the old records.

However maybe someone more knowledgeable can solve your issue in a snap.
Steve KnightIT Consultancy
What does it show in the "i" tab of the database properties for % usage and no. of documents - Alt-Enter to get properties, select Database then "i" tab.

If this is an existing mail file it could easily be old calendar entries, e.g. repeating meeting with attachment on as those get hidden away by default which would then show a higher number of documents in the "i" tab.

Easiest bet frankly is make yourself a new mail file, make sure owner is set to the person in Preferences and copy over the relevant few mails over.

Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant
I agree with Steve, the user had better create a completely new mail database.

Can you upgrade, to R8.0.3 or higher versions? R8.0.2 was a particularly nasty one...
Hi there,,,

I also agree with the suggestion of the other experts specially with  sjef_bosman about the version , 8.0.2 I had a lot of problems with it and all these problems vanishied after upgrading to 8.5...
I aslo would like to suggest the following ........

-  When you access this database on the server do you see the same enteries duplications ?
-  Run ,,,, Compact -B on this database ..
- Refresh , Replace design of the database then rebuild the views ( Ctrl+Shift+F9)

You can also refer to the following URL

Best Wishes


Steve KnightIT Consultancy

Did it fix the problem, if not what did?
Why a "B" grade?