Free software with gateway antivirus for Cisco asa 5510


Is there any free software with gateway antivirus, content filtering etc., which can be used with cisco asa 5510 box?

If so please provide installation details etc.,
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Not that will be integrated on the ASA. For the ASA you would need to purchase the module and keep a current support contract/subscription to get the signatures.

If you want a free solution you would do best to look at some linux solutions.

Solutions would be:

Squid/SquidGuard Proxy
Snort (IPS) (bleedingsnort for rules for free)
anuboggaramAuthor Commented:
Thanks for information. I wanted to make sure there is no free software to work with cisco asa.
Actually, one thing you could do is run squid and use wccp with the asa. You can then use URL filtering, although it still requires a separate server.
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