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Windows XP Pro machine can logon to Server, but cannot ping or see internet addresses

I have a WinXP Pro workstation that has worked fine until, this morning the user stated that she cannot see the internet.  My remoting service is not showing this machine online, but when I logon the sites server I can ping and RDP into that machine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what going on to this workstation?
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are you pinging via host name or ip? can you ping external via either domain name or ip?  

Probably dns issue.
Senior System Eng / vITM
I ended up resetting the IP Stack and rebooted the machine and I got it back online.

Also, check the Windows Firewall settings.  For testing, disable it, and see if you can access/ping the sites.
stack was probably dns issue.  glad to hear its resolved

Glad to see some people still use the sledge hammer approach to troubleshooting.
Dan SheridanSenior System Eng / vITM


resetting the IP Stack using "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt" worked

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