Using values entered into a new item on sharepoint list to automatically set values on a different list

Is it possible in Sharepoint to add a new item to one list (listA) and then use a value from that new item and automatically edit a value on a different Sharepoint list (listB) in the same site, perhaps through a submit event of some sort? If so, any good articles that show you how?
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Jamie McAllister MVPSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
The coded solution is Event Receivers

The code free solution is SharePoint Designer Workflows as some activities allow you to update other lists.

Those would be the main suggestions.
BobHavertyComhAuthor Commented:
Yes, workflows was the only thing I could think of besides code although it's counter intuitive to use those instead of a submit event and event listeners. Thanks for the link. Good starting point for me.
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