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Group data on X-axis on Excel graph

Cesar Aracena
Hi guys,

I have a tool that records some information (time, pressure & temperature) every second and I need to graph those curves in a time-based Excel graph. The problem I have is that Excel limits the X-axis labels to 255 and I have way more than that in the time column (tens of thousands of rows) and the graph only shows those first 255 rows of time and pressure giving me just a dot in the graph.

How can I group those time values so I get 10 minutes intervals or whatever I need? For example one label being 13:00:00 and the next one 13:10:00 and so on (while the pressure & temperatures keep "changing" in between). I would determine the length of each interval by dividing the total of rows by 255 so I know the maximum time between intervals (i.e. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.).

Any clues?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Cost Accountant
Top Expert 2012
Have you tried creating a pivot table of the data.
then you can use the Group function of the pivot table.
It is then easy to create a pivotgraph based upon the pivottable.

To group by minutes, right click on the minutes of a pivottable and right click > group.
then set to minutes or hours etc.
Cesar AracenaPHP Enthusiast


Thanks a lot! It did help me although I've never worked with dynamic tables grouping before. My only problem is that grouping changes my time values to a grouped number (i.e. 01, 02, 03, etc.) but I can easily change that by hand beginning from the start time.

Thanks again!

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