share behind a one way domain trust issue


We setup a one way trust.
Domain A trusts Domain B.

We created a network share on Domain B (server is a Windows 2003).

Now when we are in our internal domain (Domain A), we cannot connect and see any shares on Domain B (As Domain B does not trust Domain A and is refusing the connection).
The windows firewall is disabled.

Right now, logged into Domain A, if I enter \\servername.domainb, I don't see the shares.

I've given everyone read permission on the share.

Even tried a few other things such as allow all connections to be anonymous, also tried enabling guest account and letting everyone be guests. nothing is working as I don't see any of the shares.

How do I configure the share permissions to allow the connection from an untrusted domain?  

Thank you.
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aindelicatoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't believe the trust is an issue.

Share on Domain B .. Share level permissions should be set to EVERYONE.  NTFS level permissions should be set to allow at least READ to user@domainA

Even this would not stop the share from being visible, which appears to be your problem.

Are these shares on a server? What version? 2003, 2008 or a workstation? (XP or WIN7)

In server 2008 and Win7 you must enable Network Discovery and allow Windows File Sharing to be bound to the connection.
trembeAuthor Commented:
Thsi worked for me. Thank you!
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