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QNAP NAS ts459u

IKtech asked
I have a QNAP nas that i am using as shared storage with vmware and during the setup of this environment i only had one switch port i could use to plug in the NAS device.  Now that i have converted some servers to VMs i have additional switch ports to use and want to add the secondary NIC on qnap.  After trying this initally and failing i wanted to see if any one has gone through a similar experience.  

Do i need to change the config for the switch first?  

Any advice is appreciated!
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Lead System Administrator
Create teaming of these two Network card and then connect to switch

Mode support by this NAS Balance-rr, Active Backup, Balance XOR, Broadcast,  Balance-tlb and Balance-alb

For IEEE 802.3ad/Link Aggregation:

Your switch must supports IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation.



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