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power builder datawindow itemchanged computed fields

I have a datawindow with some computed fields.  I also have some fields that I need to calculate values for (in code) in the item changed event.  

The problem is that i need to access the values from the computed fields to perform these calculations.  But it seems as though the item changed event is fired before the computed fields are recalculated and take on their new values.

How can I get around this??

As another note if I search below for the topic Power Builder, nothing comes up.  But I'm sure there was a PowerBuilder topic at one time.  Please feel free to move this question to where I will get hits.  Thanks
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Please change the topic area to Powerbuilder.

You can try the below solution,

In the code, call dw_1.GroupCalc() [<dw_name>.GroupCalc()] before you fetch the value of the computed field.



I can't seem to find the PowerBuilder topic.  If i do a search it doesn't come up?

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