Decommision 1 of 2 Exchange 2007 servers.

A client has asked me to decommission one of their two Exchange Servers.  They are a very small company and no longer need two Exchange Servers in place.  Other than removing the hub transport role and connection rules from the Exchange server that will remain as the sole Exchange there anything else I need to do or keep in mind?

A.V.Lead EngineerAsked:
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
Certificates ?
What roles does the new server holds ?
Databases and CAS useability ?
Send Connectors - Bridgehead servers ?

Best is to try and stop all the Microsoft services on the server you want to remove and check if there are any issues make note and try to resolve or move them over to the new server.

You can also run EXBPA on the new server once you have done initial tweek and stop the services on the server your planning to remove.

- Rancy
Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check for the following options

For Mailbox Roles:
Check if this server has any stores added for its DAG, you'll need to remove the databases from replication
Ensure, you're first server isn't OAB Generation Server - move it to your second server
Ensure, you're first server wasn't part as replica list for existing PFs

For CAS Roles:
Ensure, you remove any SRV Records pointing to this CAS Server in DNS
Ensure, you referance of this CAS Server from any Internal URL if it exists on second CAS Server on any of its URL - Activesync / OAB / UM / OOO / AutodiscoverURI
Ensure, you remove the server if it was part of CAS Array
Ensure, you remove its reference from any of URL from internet

For Hub Roles:
Ensure, you replace it from existing Send Connectors
Ensure, you replace it from any existing Relay or custom connectors
Ensure, you replace it from any reference on any printer/scanner - if it's IP was provided for relay
Ensure, you replace it from existing Rules -if any

For Third-Party
Ensure, you replace its IP Address it from any rules created on Routers/Switches/Firewall for incoming / outgoing emails


P.S Some of the ideas were written above in Rancy's post - it is elaborated on this post.
A.V.Lead EngineerAuthor Commented:
Decommision went smoothly
@nytekgirl: You're other post w.r.t E2003 move mailbox is pending, answer it and we should be done on that too.

Oh and glad you're decommission went smooth.

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