Migration without ADMT

Hi, there

I want to run this by everyone to see what I'm missing and what "gotchas" are lurking.

Scenario: We purchased a company with a variety of site locations and we're migrating a domain in one city (DomainCityNew) into our production domain (DomainProd), while keeping some of the original domain (DomainCityOld) intact.  They will be getting all new PC's.

Goal: I need to have the servers up and running, file server access, printing functions working and the users/groups moved to our domain.  Their existing domain controller can be demoted to a member server.

Caveat: I cannot use a trust between the two domains, and so I'm doing this manually instead of using ADMT.

From a high level perspective, I have:

Check replication
Transfer FSMO roles to DomainControllerA, which will remain at the DomainCityOld site.
(Network cutover)
Re-IP the servers that we are keeping
Join servers to DomainProd domain
Import AD accounts into DomainProd
Assign/Create group memberships in DomainProd

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Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
OK, then it looks OK. If you wish I may help you to create LDIFDE scripts to:
- Export OU structure from other domains and import them into target domain
- Export groups and users from other domains to target domain
- Set them up logon scripts, home drives and new UPN suffix

according to FSMO roles, you don't have to migrate them from other domains as your has all of them existing in target domain.

And the last step is configuring new Subnets in Sites and Services.

Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Hm, any tool to migrate domains requires at least one-way forest trust but the most simple and fast solution is when you are using two-way forest trust.

Instead of ADMT you can buy Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory

this is paid solution but much more convenient than ADMT

In other case, you need to recreate users/groups manually in target domain and re-join all computers. I do not know any tool to do non-trusted domain migration

tljmAuthor Commented:
Thank you Krzysztof.

I'm not looking for a tool - I'm just looking to make sure I've identified all the tasks necessary to pull this off.
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