Selective auto reply

We have the following situation:

We use 1 Exchange server for 2 companies. So a worker has 2 mail addresses:
worker1@companyA.tld and worker1@companyB.tld.

Default mail address is worker1@companyA.tld.

Let's say, that for companyA the worker is on vacation and activate his automatic reply, is there any way to avoid the automatic reply is send to a sender, mailing to the companyB.tld address (for company B the worker is still working). Brief: the automatic reply should check the TO mail and not send automatic replies to all the aliases of the worker1.

Thanks in advance !
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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is what i tested and it worked like a charm using server-side Automated Replies.

Go to this person OL - disable OOO / however copy his OOO Message into notepad.

Go to his OL - tools - Rules and Alerts

Click New Rules - Select Start from a blank rule - check messages when they arrive - click on Next - select "with specific words in message header" - select the highlight option for "specific word" and type his "CompanyA.Ltd" email address - click Next - Select "have server reply using a specific message - OL will open a new composed message for you - paste the OOO from Notepad to this message ALONG WITH SUBJECT Reffered as Out of Office - click Finish - DO NOT SELECT FOR MESSAGES IN INBOX option.

Once done, server would send OOO only for the email address you want to -  AND best part OL doesn't need to be online for this AND no email is rejected - all of them gets delivered to his mailbox;)

It is purely automated

Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
I dont think there is anything as such rather you can create a OOO rule with auto reply ..... but this would require the Outlook to be in running state.

- Rancy
willuxAuthor Commented:
Works perfectly indeed, super thx !!!

One additional question: would it be possible to specify the from address as swell ?

So the reply is send using an another alias then the default mail ?
I'm afraid that is not possible, when an email comes into your environment it gets sent to your primary email address and when it leaves the same function happens.

What you could do is to the following

Create two mailboxes with the following setting
UserA: set as primary
UserB: set as primary

Provide Full Mailbox rights for UserA on UserB along with Send As rights, enabled forwarding all emails of UserB to UserA.

When UserA wants to send emails to someone with - he can simply enter the address in his FROM address.

Exchange wouldn't interfere in this email transport and would send emails posing as

Hope you've got the point.

willuxAuthor Commented:
Yes I do, thx once again ! Case closed ;)
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