Can Outlook 2010 display user defined message properties in the Unread Mail folder?

Outlook 2003 cannot show user properties in the Unread Mail.   I am hoping Outlook 2010 can.  
I am hoping that Outlook 2010 has some native feature that integrates this functionality.
500 points to anybody who can guarantee that the answer is yes.


P.S.  I am not a rookie on this subject so please don't bother explaining how to use the Field Chooser wizard.  It is not a matter of opinion, it is just a fact that native Outlook 2003 doesn't allow user defined fields to appear in the unread mail folder.  

But, I have developed a workaround for 2003, but it is less than ideal: The user selects a group of emails and runs my ShowProperties vba macro which displays a vba form with subject and user properties.
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rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
The answer is "NO Outlook 2010 field chooser does not allow user defined fields to be displayed in Unread Mail or any similar search folder".

I am sad.

If you can show an example of what you are wanting - i could run through a query to one of the MVP to check if this is possible.

rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
I have attached a JPG that shows how to add cause a user defined field to show on a regular folder in Outlook 2003. Select a folder, then select a message, then run this vba code.
Sub test728()
Dim item As Object

For Each item In ActiveExplorer.selection
    item.UserProperties.Add "Entity", olText
    item.UserProperties("Entity") = "TestEntity"
    item.UserProperties.Add "MyContact", olText
    item.UserProperties("MyContact") = "TestContact"
Next item
End Sub

Open in new window

After running that code, Field Chooser will show the Entity property and the MyContact property.

Repeat the process on the Unsent Mail folder, and it will not work.
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rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
I decided not to wait for an answer.  I will be downloading Office 2010 and I will test the outlook feature myself.  I will post the answer here when I am done.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
Nobody could clearly answer my question, so I installed Outlook 2010 and answered my question myself,
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
5 years later, I discovered the following trick that allows Outlook 2010 to show user properties in Unread Mail and other search folders.

> navigate to Unread Mail folder (or any search folder) and get a screen shot of all the columns that are currently showing
> navigate to  a "normal folder" like Inbox that is showing the desired user defined properties like MyContact.  
> on Outlook Ribbon > View tab > Current View group
> Click "Change View"
> Click "apply current view to other mail folders"
> Expand the PST root directory then expand the "search folders" subdirectory
> put a check mark on "Unread Mail" and click OK.

> navigate to Unread Folder.  It now looks like Inbox and includes the desired user defined properties.
> adjust the other columns to match the screen shot from the earlier step.
rberkeConsultantAuthor Commented:
I wanted a user property like "EmailsPurpose" to show on the Unread Mail  search folder, but field chooser couldn't do it.

5 years ago I was told it was impossible, but I now have the following trick which works in Outlook 2010 (and probably all other versions of Outlook)

1) create a new folder named "Temp Folder"

Copy Unread Mail formats to Temp Folder as follows:
2) open Unread Mail  folder
3) Outlook ribbon > View tab > Current View group > Change View > 
 > Click "apply current view to other mail folders"
 > put check mark next to Temp Folder
 > click OK

Add "EmailsPurpose" to Temp Folder format as follows:
4) Open Temp Folder
5) right click on "Subject" in the directory > file chooser > User Defined Fields > drag "EmailsPurpose" to column headings

Copy Temp Folder format back to Unread Mail as follows:
3) Outlook ribbon > View tab > Current View group > Change View > 
 > Click "apply current view to other mail folders"
 > put check mark next to Unread Mail folder
 > click OK
 > optionally delete the Temp Folder.

You are done.  Now when you open the Unread Mail folder you can see "EmailsPurpose".
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