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Excel 2010  autofill, reset fill value based on data in a different column

I have a spreadsheet that I want to autofill the column called Seq (below) with 10,20,30 but I want to reset to 10 based on a different Part ID.  Is this possible?

Part ID                                        Seq      Req
CN235-1008200-1000-0      10      CN365-1007600-1000-1
CN235-1008200-1000-0      20      CN365-1007700-3000-1
CN235-1008200-3000-0      10      CN365-1007600-3000-1
CN235-1008200-3000-0      20      CN365-1007700-3000-1
CN235-1008201-1000-0      10      CN365-1007601-1000-1
CN235-1008201-1000-0      20      CN365-1007701-1000-1
CN235-1008201-3000-0      10      CN365-1007601-3000-1
CN235-1008201-3000-0      20      CN365-1007701-3000-1
CN235-1008201-3000-0      30      CN365-1007801-3000-1
CN235-1008202-1000-0      10      CN365-1007602-1000-1
CN235-1008202-1000-0      20      CN365-1007702-1000-1

Thank you in advance
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Top Expert 2008
not with autofill, but you can use a formula and drag it down.


Thanks,  I had to tweak it just a bit...   =COUNTIF($A$1:A1,A1)*10

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