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Can I have online monthly backup

I have less than 100 GB data that I do daily defferential and monthly full backup, there is no onsite person to change tape weekly therefore I visit the office once a month to change the tape, make full backup and the rest of the month it would be differential. This method is causing problem because sometimes veritas just not working, tape ejects or etc.. I am looking for online backup like resync.net but can anyone know I can have like full monthly backup and then overwrite that like every 6 month or so.
Any other suggestion?
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You may find what you need at http://www.acronis.com/backup-recovery/online/ for $99 a year for workstations and up to 500 GB, or $499 a year for 1 TB for servers. It offers a very customizable solution for cloud backup.
Our company uses Mozy Pro to do online back-ups to do exactly as what you are saying you are looking for. Their pricing is pretty reasonable and the set-up time to get started is very minimal. I have it pulling backups from two different SQL servers, an exchange server, file server, NAS head, and a plug in play external hard-drive. Within the software it will let you customize your back-up settings for daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc ...

Here is a link to their site. http://mozy.com/pro
I agree with tqfdotus
Actonis has an excellent feature of controlling the backups
your can have sugarsync or any other online drive which you can map as a local drive on your machine and define the backup tasks
Define the maximum space allocated on a remote location and it would maintain the backups as long as they are within the allocated space, once its running out of space it would delete the oldest one to create space for the new one
In this way you can maintain the backups
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Thanks for your input, I will get chance to try few of them this week and make decition, I will update you guys.
Thanks again.

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