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Understanding .NEt

compdigit44 asked
I'm new to .Net and understand you can tell that a website uses ASP.net becuase it has a *.asp extension but when you view the source code of the sites it's all HTML.. How can you really tell if the site was deployed using .Net?

ALso can Visual Studio .Net be used to decompile a random *.exe or *.msi file?
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Since it's on the server, you can't have direct access to it.  If you can illicit an uncaught exception, you can usually see what version it is running because it will say at the bottom.  For instance, if the sites URL is www.mywebsite.com/Controller/Action/Id where Id accepts an integer value, just send it a string like /Controller/Action/RandomString and an error should be thrown.

If you want to decompile a C# or vb.net based *.exe or *.msi file you can use the tool "Reflector"
 > Reflector is a decompiler, it is not free but there is a free 30 day trial : here
 > Some free decompiler also exists. (like this one or this one). I have not tried this two other solutions yet.

Reflector will only allow you to see the source code, if you want to convert it to a VS solution you might have to use this

Concerning .net websites, you can't know for sure when using a website if it has been deployed using .net, only some few clues can make you guess :
 > *.asp or *.aspx extension files
 > www.mywebsite.com/Controller/Action/Id like EMB01 said, but in this case the MVC Framework for asp was used

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