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I have a user with an office 365 email. Something happened and they received multiple duplicate emails this happened about 5 months ago.  Is there a way to remove the duplicate emails or a trustworthy program that i can download that will remove the duplicates if I set up my outlook with their mailbox?

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Check this tool :

Download it and it will show u the list of duplicate emails for a selected mailbox.
AllanoreAuthor Commented:
The email box is 19GB large.. is there a more "beefy" program? This addon seems to be timing out.
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You could export all the email to a PST file, and choose the option to delete duplicates when it asks.  Then re-import all the mail back into Outlook.
If it's 19 GB you are going to want to let any of these apps run for several hours. Also you may consider exporting out to .pst and telling it to not export duplicate items.
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