How do you find the SSIS_SSAS topic on this forum? When you search it does not pull up and acnt find it via browse either..Try it before telling me..
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Interesting... no way to get it. And furthermore, searching for "ssis" does not even display "No results found", it is just blank. Try searching for "ssis_ssas" and you at least get "no results".

There's more: try going to the topic via a regular topic search (search "ssis").
It says "There are no recent open questions in this topic. Ask a new SSIS question."

If you click on "Ask a new SSIS question" it leads you to a new question form with the "MS SQL Server" topic selected. Maybe EE is trying to phase out the SSIS_SSAS topic?
Click "Topics"

Type "SSIS" in the search box, hit enter

It seems to pull it up for me, under "best matching topics by name". Is that what you mean?

Edit: I tried typing "ssis_ssas" and sure enough it didn't find it. My guess is the underscore throws it off...
cheryl9063Author Commented:
Do me a favor and click"ask" and try to find it.. I'm not trying to find topics.. I'm trying to post questions..
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