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I have a client who is printing from a website I run.  He needs to print some of the information which will be 42 pages.   He indicates that the printing moves more to the left with each page and is no longer on the page after 20 pages.   I suspect this is either a driver or settings issue, but cannot reproduce it myself.  

Any troubleshooting suggestions would be welcome.
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Has the customer tried it with different browsers? They don't necessarily print the same way.

Also, does the web page drive the printer directly, or does it use the driver?

I have found that printing web pages is mostly an exercise in wishful thinking. I suggest to always use Print Preview , as suggested by jcimarron. Alternatively, generate a PDF instead of a web page.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Could you post the URL of the Internet site? Or is it confidential?
jplack07Author Commented:
Unfortunately, it is confidential.  

Also, I am not able to recreate this behavior.....
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jplack07--What does he see in Print Preview for the later pages?
jplack07Author Commented:
thank you.  I will have him try another browser or send him a PDF.  I still think that it is probably his printer.
jplack07--Glad to have been of some help.
You can easily create a .PDF from most webpages,
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