Backing up a lun to tape

Hi all,

I have a vsphere set up that is running VMware data recovery to back up the guests to a Iscsi attached data store.

My questions is how to the back up this data store to tape?

the attached storage is a Nexsan storage machine and i cant see how to get the data of the lun and on to tape?

What would be the standard way to do this? From what I can see while the storage is attached to the EWSXi hosts it is not accessible to any thing else that might be able to back it up.

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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerAsked:
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nappy_dConnect With a Mentor There are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
you could use Ghetto VCB to snapshot backup the data stored in your LUNs to a Windows accessible volume.

Once you have that data backed up, you would then use your tradional backup software such as Arcserve or Backup Exec to store it on tape.
kinggekkoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should get a backup solutions such as the symantec backupexec to do it. It will be a host base backup where the LUN will be viewable from the host level and do single pass VM+Application backup to the tape.
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
So a second host mounts the Lun, and then runs a backup of the LUN through a backup solution.

Before I have done it only on Netapp filers, using snap mirror on the Netapp to get an image of the LUN and then NDMP to push the image to tape drives through Netbackup.

We will be looking at a complete backup solution for this, but this is about 6 months down the line as it is will be a complete refresh of the backup solution we currently have.

At the moment I am looking at a stop gap measure to insure we at least have a secure copy of the VM's. Which is why we are using VMware distory recovery, as it is a free licence.
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerAuthor Commented:
cheers for the ideas, I actually relised that a simple way to do this is get VMware DR to back up to a windows share, which make is very each to get the data of to TAP or other of site storage.

However in the future we will be most likely be going to some thing like backup exec, but that will only be after a few months of looking at various solutions to determine which is best for our company.

Personal I like Backup exec and netback up but have to see what the company decide
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