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How can I remove duplicate Excel entries?

I have a mailing list in Excel that has columns titled "Fname, MidInit, LName, Business, Address", etc and some of the businesses appear more than once, only differentiated by the employees listed (for example, three different employees for the same business make three rows).  Is there a way to filter the list so only the first entry for each business is unique?
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select your columns (prior to this, save a copy of workbook somewhere else as backup)
Goto Data tab
Click Remove duplicates
Then click the Business column (or choose that column only)
Click ok

This would remove duplicates based on business column and leave 1 entry only.
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If you have Excel 2007 or 2010 you can use the Remove duplicates option from the Data tab.  This allows you to select the columns you want to use to identify duplicates.  If you have Excel 2003 or before you can do this with Advanced filter - it's a little fiddly but the help give you good examples


It worked, but is there a way to archive/move those duplicates to another workbook first?
If you deal with duplicates everyday, this is the solution for you. It has a lot of options you can play with.


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This solution worked towards solving my first question, but I couldn't figure out Duplicate Master.

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