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GP auto-update exclusions

cuiinc asked
Hi Experts,
How do I delegate my group policy between servers and clients?

I set up a GP to install Windows updates and reboot automatically unless the user is currently logged in.  Heretofor, this hasn't affected my servers, and I'm not sure why.  However, today, one of our servers rebooted due to a Windows update.  

I have browsed to GP Managment, selected my GP object, and clicked the "delegation" tab, but I'm not clear that this is the correct place.
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Distinguished Expert 2019
You need to stagger the update policy
At the domain top level you set the intranet location.
At each OU level you set the option for the computers within the OU
Client target, install workstations or download and notify for the servers
Enable the no auto-restart when a logged in user exists.

The issue might be with your targeting.

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