AIX, boot device when installing a VIOS

I created a VIOS Lpar.  I also assigned the IO tab in the profile as follows:

U78AE.001.FB10005-P1-C18-L1   Ethernet controller   Required   512
U78AE.001.FB10005-P1-T2       PCI-E SAS Controller  Required   515
U78AE.001.FB10005-P1-T1       PCI-to-PCI bridge     Required   517
U78AE.001.FB10005-P1-C18-L2   Ethernet controller              528

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SO I power up the VIOS, get to SMS, and go to the path  

5. Boot Options
1 Select Install Boot Device
7 List All Devices

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Once I get to that screen, I see the following

 Select Device                                                                  
 Device  Current  Device                                                        
 Number  Position  Name                                                         
 1.        -      IBM Flex System EN4054 4-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter           
        ( loc=U78AE.001.FB10005-P1-C18-L1-T1 )                                  
 2.        -      IBM Flex System EN4054 4-port 10Gb Ethernet Adapter           
        ( loc=U78AE.001.FB10005-P1-C18-L1-T2 )                                  

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I jhad previously connected the external DVD to the machine, however I can not see the device.

Any Ideas on what I should do ?

Los Angeles1Asked:
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Please describe your environment a bit closer.

Seems that you're on an IBM Flex System.
As far as I know these machines require IVM (=VIOS + parts of HMC functionality), and you must install this IVM standalone before you can create any partitions.
Also, installing a second VIOS besides the IVM LPAR is not possible.

But maybe I'm wrong here, I'm not familiar with Flex (only with the classic  Blade chassis/servers), and, as you already know, I'm not familiar at all with SDMC.
Los Angeles1Author Commented:
Is there a way to determine if it can not see the device itself vs not reading the CD/DVD in the drive >
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