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2008 Terminal server remote desktop super slow when accessing via the internet.

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Last Modified: 2012-08-28
Hi. I have just taken over a network from another tech and today I started having issues with the terminal server. When accessing the server remotely (via the internet) the connection is super slow. When I access it from one of the other servers on the internal network it is fast.

I noticed Event ID 17
One or more of the TS Licensing certificates on the Terminal Services license server "PASTELSERVER" are corrupted. Therefore, the Terminal Services license server will only issue temporary licenses until it is reactivated.

I reactivated the licensing server as per the technet post I found.

I am now getting Event ID 1004

The terminal server cannot issue a client license.  It was unable to issue the license due to a changed (mismatched) client license, insufficient memory, or an internal error. Further details for this problem may have been reported at the client's computer.

I then checked out the terminal services configuration and saw that there are no terminal services cals loaded at all on the licensing diagnostics.

Will not having any licenses installed cause this type of "slowness"

What I do not get is why terminal access to this server on the internal network is fast but accessing it from the internet as the same administrator account is slow?
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Licenses won't affect the speed. It can be that your external connection is slow or you internetspeed is bad.

The issue isn't related to your TS, or your internal network. The connection from the outside world is just bad. Can lay on bad configured firewall, bad internet connection, ... . It's probably the cause of the router/firewall. You can verify this by connecting with VPN and using windows explorer to connect to a file server. Or do a speedtest when you're connected with VPN.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
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Can you RDP to another server on your Internal LAN from the Internet?

What is your Internet connection doing?

do you have any bandwidth monitors?


I can RDP to the DC on the network via the internet with no issues.

Internet is fine.

I will bypass the firewall this AM to see if firewall is the problem.

Do the licenses not affect anything? Going to be difficult convincing client to get the licenses if the unlicensed product has no issues.
piyushranusriSystem Cloud Specialist
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is there any specific time of slow or every time ?
is application is published on RDP or user desktop ?


Thanks Xaelian

Restarted the firewall after close of business and all was working again.

If my client does not install any ts licenses will something stop working after a while?