BackUp Exec 2010R3 Server Nmae Change

I had to rename our Win 2008 backup server and used BEUtility to change the server name with BU Exec.  My question is, I noticed the old server name still associated with SQLServer 2005 enities located throughout some local security policy settings.  Does anyone know if the BEUtility also changes the server name and any associated SQL instances pertaining to BU Exec?
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Rodney BarnhardtConnect With a Mentor Server AdministratorCommented:
Below is the tech article on how to change the name. If this is the process you followed, and it sounds like it was, then there shouldn't be a problem. There can still be some old reference data in the system and the server still function properly. There are also a few caveats to changing the name and some manual things that must be done with the backup and restores as pointed out in the article.
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