Bandwidth issues after installation of Sonicwall NSA 4500

Recently replaced Sonicwall 3060 with a Sonicwall NSA 4500. Prior to the change we had full 30mb pipe. After installing Sonicwall NSA 4500 suddenly have extremely slow WAN connection, as slow as 1mb up and 1mb down. LAN is fully functional. Bandwidth Management is disabled. I have disabled all antivirus, ips, content filtering, etc. that comes with the luck. The old Sonicwall 3060 had the Standard OS while the new Sonicwall NSA 4500 has the Enhanced OS.

Our network layout looks like this:

From ISP: Cisco ME 3400  out port 1
Cisco 2800: in fe0/0 (access port)
out  fe0/1 (dot1q trunking 2 vlans)
Cisco Catalyst 2900 in port 1
port 2 is set to native vlan 1 and goes to the WAN interface X1(WAN Interface)
port 3 is set to vlan 700 and goes to WAN interfaces X2 (WAN Interface)
(The other ports are a used for putting devices outside the firewall)

The Sonicwall X0 interface (LAN Interface) is connected to a Enterasys N7 Matrix core switch.

I am basically using X1(Wan Interface) on the Sonicwall for almost all outgoing bandwidth activity.

Please note that I did not design or implement this network. I am simply the poor bastard who has to fix, patch, and maintain it.

All suggestions much appreciated. Its hard to find knowledgeable IT Professionals. I have been on multiple calls with CISCO, Sonicwall, Enterasys, my ISP and another company (All CCIEs with no luck.)
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ADMIN166Author Commented:
Thank you Carlmd for attempting such a catastrophe, but as it turns out there were a few issues.

1. ISP bandwith buffering not configured thoroughly.
2. XO interface leading to core switch, core switch port would only do half duplex, would not set to full duplex.

Solution: Used different core switch port and got ISP to believe they had issues, yay.
Take a look at this article and try the suggestions...
ADMIN166Author Commented:
I troubleshot and fixed my own problem... Thanks anyway.
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