citrix netscaler can't connect to service for load balancing

I am setting up a virtual citrix netscaler vpx.  I have basically setup 3 networks.  One is for management and the other 2 are dmz networks one outside facing and the other towards the servers I want to load balance against.  From the server I can ping the netscaler but the netscaler is unable to ping to the server even though they are on the same directly connected subnet.  Because of this communication problem the tcp service that I have setup is showing down.  Anyone have any ideas as to why the traffic appears to only work towards the netscaler?

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Make sure the following ports are open so netscaler in the dmz can contact server in internal network:

80,443, 1494,2598  -- for MIP

80,22,3010 -- for NSIP

Other ports to contact LDAP, radius (if web interface is inside the network and it can reach authentication server then this can be ignored)

TCP 389,636. UDP 1812
Firewall on the server?
FREDARCEAuthor Commented:
I just needed to add a MIP
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