How to reinstall OSX on MacBook Pro ~2009-2010

Hi All,

I have a mate's Macbook Pro which had its hard drive fail over the weekend. I tried running a disk repair on it with the fsck utility but the hard drive will not boot any more all I'd see is a Question mark with a grey box.

Previously it would show the spinning loading circle when attempting to get in to safe mode.

To cut a long story short, I've put in a spare 320GB Western Digital Scorpion Black HDD into it that I had from a previous Windows 7 Pro install.

To my amazement the Macbook Pro started to boot the Windows machine.

The tricky bit is, my mate threw away his box which would've included some sort of recovery disk I would assume.

Is there any way for me to either make a rescue disk or osx dvd image or something similar within Windows 7 Pro so I can re-install OSX on his MacBook pro?

I don't have any other Mac's lying around..

All help is greatly appreciated.
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XaelianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can download the OS X Recovery Disk Assistant from following site:

With this you can create the OS X recovery HD on another HD.
There is really nothing much you can do without another Mac or a Mac install DVD.
vasbozAuthor Commented:
How do I recreate a Mac install DVD though? Surely there must be some way..?

I noticed there is some internet recovery software that Apple has but you need a Mac in order to create it?
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