How can I install my OS on my new MacBook Pro after SSD install?

I have a MacBook Pro 13" that is two days old.  It was dropped and the hard drive has failed.  I have an SSD drive that I've installed.  Since the computer comes with no recovery CD how do I get my OS installed?  I see where I can purchase it in the APP store but the requirements state I must already have an OS installed.  Specifically 10.6.8.

I have a disk labeled Mac OSX Snow Leopard CPU Drop in DVD but I get the screen that tells me to hold down the power key to turn off the machine.  This was a disk from an iMac.
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The OSX install DVDs that used to come with all Macs were coded for specific hardware and would not work on different machines.

All new macs come with disk-free recovery over Internet.

See link below for Apple's instructions:

Be prepared that it may take few hours for the install image to download over Internet.
Can you boot into recovery mode on your previous HD? If you can (it's at startup command-R) then you can choose to reinstall Mac OS X on the drive you specify.

If your HD is really broken then you can download the OS X Recovery Disk Assistant v1.0, from the following site:
1namylnAuthor Commented:
I was able to get the OS installed using the internet recovery option.  How about the iWork that was installed?
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You bought it from the app store. Just open the "app store" login with the account you bought it. Then you can go to your purchases and redownload it again.
Apple provides the instructions below for re-intalling iLife after recovery.  If your machine came with iWork pre-installed, you should be able to follow same process to re-install iWork.

You can also re-install any other application that you've purchased from the Apple App Store by going to the Purchases tab in the App Store application

----[below copied from]---------------------------------------
Restoring iLife applications after Internet Restore of OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion

If you erase install OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion on a new Mac that shipped with OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion installed, you can download iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand from the Mac App Store.

After installation, start (up) from OS X.
1. Double-click the App Store icon in the dock.
2. Enter your Apple ID and password.
3. Click Purchases.
5. If you haven't previously accepted your bundled iLife applications within the Mac App Store, you should see your iLife applications appear in the Accept portion of the screen. Click Accept.
6. You may be asked for your Apple ID and password once again. Your iLife applications now move to the Purchased section. These applications are part of the software that came with your Lion based computer. Your account will not be charged for them. Click Install to complete installation of your applications.
1namylnAuthor Commented:
Thank you Marc.
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