C# to Delphi code translation for Amyuni HTML to PDF sample

I have downloaded free Amyuni WebkitPDF from here:

The example that comes with it is written in C# and I need to translate it to Delphi 7.

As the minimum, I need a working code in Delphi 7 that will:

1. Open URL or local HTML file
2. Save it to a PDF file.

or using the dll calls:

1. WKPDFInitialize
3. WKPDFSaveToFile
4. WKPDFTerminate
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Sinisa VukCommented:
Try this:

function WKPDFInitialize(license: WideString; key: WideString): Integer; stdcall external 'WebKit.dll';
function WKPDFTerminate(): Integer; stdcall external 'WebKit.dll';
function WKPDFOpenURL(url: WideString; var context: Pointer; pageRenderingOptions: Integer; isJavaScriptEnabled: Boolean): Integer; stdcall external 'WebKit.dll';
function WKPDFSaveToFile(fileName: WideString; context: Pointer): Integer; stdcall external 'WebKit.dll';
function WKPDFCloseContext(context: Pointer): Integer; stdcall external 'WebKit.dll';

ptr: Pointer;
if WKPDFInitialize('', '')<>0 then Exit;
ptr := nil;
if WKPDFOpenURL('http://www.google.com', ptr, 0, False)<>0 then Exit;
if ptr<>nil then
   WKPDFSaveToFile('c:\eee.pdf', ptr);


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gragaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the solution. It works fine on web pages, but I can't make it work on local files, like  'file:\\\c:\test.html'. The C# example works fine for local files. Can you look into it as well?
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