We are currently using XP win32 , and we are in the process to upgrade the OS of the  company to Win 7 64bit enterprise.
We have an application called Primavera 6 V6 and the pre requisite of primavera is to have oracle 9i installed and configured.
Apparently, oracle 9i is not compatible with Win 7
Can you please tell me what it would be my workaround in this issue so that I can have P6 installed.
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- copy the installer file to the pc, right click on the Oracle installer file and select the Compatibility mode (as in the image) and choose Windows XP, click OK then run the installer.

- I suggest that you run this on a test machine with existing win7 first, not on the actual machine before doing the upgrade.

win7 properties
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
getting the newer version of primavera is not an option ?

check if it's compliant for oracle client or oracle database ?
you can work with a oracle 9 client on a oracle 11 database

99.9% chance you can get it to work with the latest oracle 10.2 client too
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I agree with the above comment.  I would try the software against an 11g database.  As long as the software doesn't do anything strange, it should work.

If it doesn't work initially because of some new 11g features you can tell the 11g database to behave as a 10g by setting COMPATIBLE=10.0.0.  Unfortunately you cannot set it to a 9i version.
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