Where Would You Go?

I have to make a decision and I'm reaching out for some suggestions here.  I have a seven day vacation coming up, and I'd like to travel somewhere.  If you only had seven days and you had a choose between Costa Rica or one of the Hawaiin Islands, which would you choose and why?
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Depends when you go. September & October are wet in Costa Rica, but it will be cheap. Remember that Costa Rica occupies a large area relative to Hawaii and will take longer to travel places.
I'd just toss a coin - both will offer great memories and fantastic sights, sounds and experiences.
Anthony RussoCommented:
I personally would go to Hawaii just for the more common usage of English.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Costa Rica (I've transited there on two return trips to Panama: Toronto, Canada - San Jose, C.R. - David, Panama) may not be cheaper, has a high crime rate, Spanish speaking (lots of people cpeak English). I've never been to the Hawaiin Islands.

You should be able to easily check hotel/resort rates online.
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Your choice might also be influenced by where you live. If it's on the east coast, you're going to spend two days traveling to Hawaii and back. A lot will also depend on the accommodations and the amenities offered at either place so I would do some research to see which might best suit your lifestyle.
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
After careful consideration, I've decided on either Mauai or Kauai as the destination.  Taking into account the rainfall during October in Costa Rica and other factors it would probably be best to hold off going down there for now.  Thanks for everyone's input.
Anthony RussoCommented:
Have a great trip. I'll stay here and be jealous.  :)
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