Basic - gigabit ethernet switch and 100mbps router

Schoolboy question I'm sure, but I'm just after confirmation.

Ten PCs and a NAS drive each with gigabit ethernet cards are connected to a 16-port gigabit ethernet switch with Cat 6 cables.

The gigabit ethernet switch is connected to an ADSL router which supports only 100 mbps.  The internet connection is only a 20 mbps ADSL connection anyway.

The router is connected only to the mains; the ADSL phone line; and the switch.  No PCs connect directly to it.  None of the equipment is using wifi.

In order for the PCs to connect to each other and the NAS drive using gigabit, does the router have to have a gigabit ethernet port (for the connection between it and the gigabit switch) or not?
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rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, the PC's will talk to each other at gigabit speeds, and to the router at 100MB.
Ernie BeekConnect With a Mentor ExpertCommented:
The connection is as fast as the slowest link, so:

PC to PC: 1Gb
PC to router: 100Mb
PC to internet: 20 Mb

Mind the difference between b (bit) and B (byte).
As long as the PC's and NAS box are on the same VLAN, the network traffic will not need to travel up to the router.
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