Citrix Xen Desktop DDC keeps using Express Licenses after installing VDI licenses

Hello any Citrix XenDesktop experts that there may be:

We were running out of Citrix XenDesktop Express Licenses, so we purchased and installed XenDesktop VDI licenses (15 total) The license file installed without issue, and we reread the license file as directed in the License Admin Console.
The problem is that the XenDesktop Express licenses are still being used. Whenever someone connects to their Citrix VM computer an Express license is issued.

How can we remove the Express Licenses and/or make the DDC issue the VDI licenses?

Thank you in advance.
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Dirk KotteSECommented:
you have to configure the license-type at the xendesktop-broker (DDC)
You can remove the express licenses from the c:\citrix\licensing\myfiles. ALso go to the desktop studio, licensing and change express to VDI.
mbitechAuthor Commented:
Thank you dkotte & basraj.<br /><br />Between both solutions the problem has been solved .
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