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I have a few workstations that currently are joined to a Domain, with the local profile on the computer, including Outlook.  I need to disjoin them from the domain and create a standard Windows Workgroup.  There are Windows 7 and Windows XP workstations.  I want to preserve the user's domain profile, so once we disjoin it from the domain controller and shut down the server, the user is able to log into their workstation and still have all the same desktop settings and profile.  Obviously I will need to modify the Outlook configuration to use Outlook Anywhere, which is setup on the exchange server because these computers are going to end up at remote location and will be using simple printer and file sharing (P2P) without a domain controller.  Hopefully this is enough detail for someone to provide a solution.  The computers are currently joined to the domain and I have the administrator password for the DC.
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I'd suggest the User Profile Wizard from ForensIT.  It is a free utility that I've used to move profiles from local/workgroup to new domains (AD).  


Hope this helps.

You can copy user profiles from one user to another but to get them to work correctly you'll need to give the new user with the copied profile local admin rights on the workstation.

You can copy profiles via Control Panel > System > Advanced System Properties > User Profiles.

Another option would be to manually copy desktop, my docs, etc to the new local user account and then assign rights if they can't access everything..

You may have to keep the pc on the domain while you do the transfer.
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