Hard Drive Space Upgrade on Dell PowerEdge 2900 with Perc 6/i RAID Controller

I had a RAID5 containing 5 250GB hard drives.  I bought 5 1TB hard drives to put in the machine.  I know that I cannot expand the first VD beyond the 929gb that is currently set up, but want to create a new VD to utilize the extra space that I have, even if I have to create a few different VD's since there is the 2TB limit on size for my hardware/software combo.  I do not have an option when I do a Ctrl+R to add a New Virtual Disk.  As far as I can tell I have the most recent updates for the Perc 6/i board.  I am using PERC 6/i Integrated BIOS Configuration Utility 1.22.32-1371, but the option to create New Virtual Disk is grayed out and the only thing I can do is clear configuration.
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Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security OfficerCommented:
I believe that's why you can't create any more VDs as it doesn't have the originals to know the previous configuration and it is looking for those stripes.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
What about taking backup of existing config and rebuilding the RAID the way you need it?
Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security OfficerCommented:
How many HDD slots does the PowerEdge have?  Did you fill all the rest of them up, or are you trying to put them in place of the 250s?
aclaus225Author Commented:
I replaced the five 250s with the 1 TB, and I now have 5 1TB and 3 250gb in the machine.
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