Word 2010 edit screenshot pictures

How to edit screenshot pictures (or any picture) appearing within a Word 2010 document?  

I would think that one could right click and choose a edit-picture link, then pick a picture editor.  But I do not see that, nor do the  Picture Tools provide anything resembling a fully functioning picture editor.
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Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
occassionally I want to make a quick adjustment like highlight something  with color or put a arrow in.
Using the Insert tab -> Illustrations -> Shapes  option, you can most likely do ALL of these things.

The Drawing tab automatically appears and you can draw on top of the screen shot:Drawing ToolsYou can highlight with the Oval shape, add arrows, use WordArt to add text and so on.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
What type of editing are you trying to accomplish? Within Word, you can easily resize and crop images, etc..

The screenshot is inserted as an image. When you click on the image, you get the Picture Tools tab and all the available options are shown in the tab. This tab is not available unless you have selected an image in your document.

If what you want to do is not avaikable in this tab, then copy the image and use some other image edition software. You can then recopy the edited image to the document.

Why not use Paint to edit the screenshots. It provides some basic image editing tools.

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AndyPandyAuthor Commented:
Yes, I would like to right click on the picture within Word2010 and have it load into Paint or other such graphic editor & to save it back to the document when done.
I am now creating documents of screen shots that occasionally need tweaking when issues are noticed during editting.
I would like to do the edit then and there, with out tracking a bunch of files and their locations.
But I do not see how to do that in Word 2010.
Rather pasting the screenshots directly into Word 2010, paste them directly into Paint. Do the editing on the screenshot then copy & paste into Word 2010. Job done!!
AndyPandyAuthor Commented:
I use Microsofts "snipping tool" which is great, snip selection then  paste directly into Word.
The snip appears as a PNG within the Word Document.
The problem comes when going through this same Word Doc latter on and there is  a snip PNG object that needs editting.
Why would MS not provide a "edit with Paint"?

I did figure out this 11 step process:
1) Select the picture, within the Word doc,  to be editted
2) Copy to clipboard, Cntrl C
3) Right Click,Save as Picture
4) Select any PNG picture in File save box
5) right click and choose Edit
6) File/New within Paint to clear canvas
7) Paste into Paint with Cntrl V
8) Edit as needed
9) when done with edit, Select ALL, Copy
10) Switch back to Word
11) Paste into Word
Glad it works, even though it takes 11 steps.

"Why would MS not provide a "edit with Paint" ?" <<<< Why indeed!! ;)
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
Generally, whin I want a screenshot, here are my steps:

1. Press the 'Print Screen' key (usually near top-right of keyboard)

2. Open an image editor (I LOVE paint.NET)

3. Edit the image

4. Save the image

5. Paste/Insert into Word document

Five steps is quicker that eleven!
AndyPandyAuthor Commented:
The issue is not with putting pics into Word.  
"Snip Tool" method is the best method for me, I have no need for Paint when collecting images.
The issue is: example:  months down the road when I want to tweak a pic stored within the Word Doc.
These docs are used a couple times for knowledge transfer, but occassionally I want to make a quick adjustment like highlight something  with color or put a arrow in.
No I do not want to manage a bunch of image files.
AndyPandyAuthor Commented:
Hi PaulSauve,

Very good answer.  
Now I am puzzling over whether to  make quick changes as you explained, or to take the longer route and change the source document with Paint.
Thinking out loud.
My project is for the knowledge transfer from a  retiring employee.
We use Windows Anytime to share a screen,   he explains... as I Snip screens and place into chronological order into a Word2010 doc on my 2nd monitor, while madly scribbling on a pad.
Then,  as he takes a break,  I transcribe my scribblings to Word2010 (should type diectly into Word, but that hasnt happened) and now, use Word2010 drawing tools to place pics on top of pics.
I wonder how this will work while reformatting,   is the Word-Drawing going to stay in place on top of the screen snip pic?
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
In my opinion, the overlay drawing and text shoud stay put when you close and re-open the Word ducument.

If I may make a suggestion, once you are happy with document you could use Save as a PDF format - really quite simple. That way, when you send  out the document, there won't be any "accidental" modification of the information.

But I don't really understand what you mean by:
I wonder how this will work while reformatting, is the Word-Drawing going to stay in place on top of the screen snip pic?
What exactly will you be reformatting?
AndyPandyAuthor Commented:
I meant an and all reformatting,   changing page layout, contents, etc.  
It appears the drawing objects do stay properly situated.
So I jsut need to become facile with the Drawing  Tools.
AndyPandyAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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