Crystal Reports Group/ Sum data

Hi, can anyone help with the following. I need to create a crystal report data extract that does the following.

Example 2 rows of data
Row 1 Contains  Row 2 Contains
AAA                    10
AAA                    30
BBB                     25
CCC                      30
AAA                    15
AAA                     25
AAA                     7

What I want crystal to do is to sum/ group all the AAA's and then add the amount of Row 2 showing a total of 87. There are over 500 different refs in row A
I suspect it is very simple but for the life of me can not get it working in Crystal

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First of all a question... When you say Row1 and Row2, are they Fields in your database? If yes, what you need to do is:

Insert Group
Select Field1 (the one that contains the Name) as the grouping field
You can add the group total by dragging Field2 (the one with the individual amount) to the group header or footer.

If Row1 and Row2 are "literally" rows in your data source, then the above is not valid.

Let us know.
George_MiltonAuthor Commented:
Great answer, exactly what I needed cheers
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