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I have a 64 bit Win 7 computer.  I have Office 2010 Plus on it.  I have never used Outlook, so I am not very familiar with it.  I used The Bat until now - but I am going to try using Outlook.  I imported all my addresses into Outlook.  When I start an email, and I start typing in the address, I'd like autofill to kick in - but it does not.  I've Googled the issue 2 times now and as yet have not solved it.  Any suggestions on what I do to get autofil to work.  Also, in TheBat, I was able to put in nicknames - so for my contacts that I regularly used, I would set up 1 or 2 letter nicknames so speed addressing them.
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Jamie GillespieConnect With a Mentor Senior IT ConsultantCommented:
I believe the suggested contacts feature in Outlook 2010 starts to populate based on emails you actually send to recipients.

For example, if you send a test email to yourself, the next time you compose an email, it will then begin to populate.

I understand that this can be a pain if you just want to get going with this feature, prior to Outlook 2010, the list that populates was referred to as the NK2 file. You can import these into 2010 using the following method as described in this article;


In your case, I would try and create an NK2 file first using your previous contacts, I believe there are third-party tool available for this. Then go ahead and import into Outlook 2010.

On this occasion I think it depends on how important it is for you to have this functionality up and running for all of your contacts at the same time. if it was me, I'd just start to build up the suggested contacts list as I go along.

It would be interesting if anyone knows a simple way of getting around this.

I hope this points you further in the right direction.
VillageacAuthor Commented:
I thought I had already written some emails and I never seemed to have those addresses pop up - so I must have done something wrong.  So far, your answer seems to be correct - if I start having problems, I will repost
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