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Secondary Monitor Still There After Disconnecting

Hey! I have a laptop setup with dual monitor via a docking station. When the user takes his laptop out of the docking station...the computer still thinks his secondary monitor is still connected and has it enabled. For example, if he has a Excel sheet open on the secondary monitor and then undocks the laptop, and tries to minimizes and maximizes it, the computer tries to bring it up on the secondary monitor instead of on the laptop. I did find out that if you go into the video properties that if you disable the secondary monitor and that it will work fine after that but how to I get it to work that way when he undocks the laptop?

Any ideas?
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FN+some key....There's one that will disable the external monitor port.  

It's a known issue in XP.  If you upgrade to Windows 7 this goes away.
itadminnekAuthor Commented:
I have tired doing that already but it didn't seem to work...he said that I hooked it up to the projector and then this started happening but when I did hit the FN + F4 combo you can tell it is switching but the problem doesn't go away.
Does he undock with the power on?  The port is detected and made active on startup, so I would shut it down and then undock.  Most laptops keep the port active once they detect a display device attached, until they are shut down and restarted.
callandor is partially right.  most likely the laptop is not "hot dockable", i would check with the manufacturer to verify this and then find out which software application they recommend for undocking a workstation logically prior to removing it physically.  

worst case scenario is that the laptop manufacturer doesnt have dock software and you have to turn off the machine each time you undock.  

in either case, i would ditch the docking station and buy a USB port replicator.  they do not have issues with "hot docking".
itadminnekAuthor Commented:
Callandor was right...after restarting the laptop while undocked, the screens went back to normal. Thanks!
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