cisco asa 5510 and external ip

I have a cisco asa 5510 with 5 interfaces on it which are all being used. My goal is to setup a switch that is not connected to our lan but is exposed externally, so all I have to do is give a laptop or network device a public IP and I'm on the internet. How can I do this with all 5 interfaces being used?
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You could place a switch between the device given to you by the isp and the  port used on the ASA.
is there a port free on the uplink to the internet from the device given to you by the ISP?  The way I'm seeing it is that you would need another port from them to accomplish this.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Like lruiz52 sain, put a switch between the outside interface of the ASA and the modem/router of your ISP and you're done. If you use an unmanaged switch there is also no risk of it being compromised.
I assume you have enough public addresses to use the setup this way?
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