i have androd phone and want to share my photos album on windows 7 professional laptop wirelessly which has internet and wireless enabled. i have i media share on my android phone.
is there any way i can share it on my laptop without hooking phone to my laptop through USB.
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To manage your android phone  on computer directly, you need to connect your android phone to computer first. You can connect it via USB/WIFI.
Here is the step by step guides:
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
share the folder and then connect to the share using your android device
you could use Google Drive to sync the two
In Network and Sharing Center -> Change advanced sharing settings, enable File Sharing and Media Streaming.

In Media Player under Stream, check Automatically allow devices to play my media....

In Media Center,  under Pictures and Video, setup to share your Pictures Library (add the folder[s] of pictures you want to share). Name your media server something (by default, it should take the computer name... if you never named your computer anything, "Win7Media" should work fine).

Then you should be able to access your shared media by connecting your android phone to your home network via WiFi.

It's not clear which way you wanted to share... the above describes how to share pictures on your computer with your phone.

Did you mean you wanted to share pictures on your phone with the computer, instead?

Which "android phone" is it, by the way?
pramod1Author Commented:
wanted to share pictures on my android my touch on windows 7 laptop
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