Excel 2010: Macro that does a NSLOOKUP

Hello Experts!

   Somewhat of an unusual request for a macro here and I'm not sure if it's doable or not.  What I'd like to accomplish is to have the macro to look at the IP address in Column A, Starting with Row 2 amd automatically populate Column B, Row 2 of my spreadsheet with the NSLOOKUP computername value.  The typical NSLOOKUP return looks something like this (usually returns 4 lines)   (See example below).

c:\>nslookup xxx.xx.xxx.xxx

1. Server: server123.abccompany.net
2. Address: xxx.xx.xxx.xx
4. Name:  usercomputername.abccompany.net  <--- (Just need it to return this value)
    Address:  xxx.xx.xxxx.xxx

Would it be possible to just pull the 4th line and populate that data into column B, starting with Row 2?
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itsmevicAuthor Commented:
That was dead on!  Thank you!
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